5 things you can not move without removalist Newcastle

When relocating, certain domestic items will usually be more difficult to move from one house to the next. When transporting a specific object from one house to another, the difficulty is often determined by several essential factors – size, weight, fragility, and value.

Furthermore, many goods in the house need special packaging to withstand the journey. It will help if you hire movers with the necessary experience and skills. To handle any unique goods in your house that are too heavy, big, delicate, or pricey (or perhaps too much of everything!).

You may still pack and transport such one-of-a-kind things on your own, but the risk of damage, harm, or both, rises substantially. Even more so, specialty products like a piano, a hot tub, a pool table, a metal safe, and a grandfather clock are difficult to shift without the assistance of specialist movers.

  • Pianos

Some pianos never seem to sound the same after a relocation. Moving a piano is a daunting task- owing to obvious reasons. Pianos are enormous and heavy but have you ever thought about how massive and hefty they are in reality?

Suppose you own a piano and are planning a move. Consider the difficulties if you do not use piano movers to carry out the work properly. A good Piano removals Newcastle will know everything about a well-set piano. It will be beneficial for you to move that quickly.

Pianos are HEAVY

Pianos are significantly hefty musical instruments since their fundamental component, a cast iron harp supports the strings. The external piano case and soundboard increase the overall weight of the piano. Our Removalist Newcastle is aware of every know-how of every piano.

What is the maximum weight of a piano?

The lightest upright pianos, spinet pianos, weigh 300-400 pounds. A large piano may weigh up o 800 pounds. A baby grand piano can weigh up to 1000 pounds.

  • Hot tubs

It’s never a joke to move a hot tub. You know how tough it is to relocate your hot tub a few feet from its original position. If you plan to proceed, you may be torn between packing the hot tub and hiring movers to take it.

When you see the incredibly colossal thing, it’s easy to understand why a hot tub is one of the toughest items to move.

Moving hot tubs is quite risky.

Hiring an experienced removalist in Newcastle with the necessary skills and tools to do the work securely is the best method to transport a hot tub from one property to another.

This hot tub’s unique proportions and weight make it easy to move by yourself. Still, the entire spa relocation process is dangerous for a non-professional such as yourself.

Consider this: a single mistake might result in expensive Jacuzzi hot tub damage or, worse, injury to those involved in the transportation.

Tables for pool

Pool tables are frequently a pain to remove carefully. The proud pool table owners already know how much fun it is for the whole family and visiting friends to play pool. You’ll never want to part with your prized pool table.

Even so, remember that moving a pool table is one of the most challenging for various reasons.

Pool tables are susceptible to damage.

If you pull the felt from the pool table, it’s not ideal if you damage it, but it’s not the end of the world either: get a new piece of felt, and you’re good to go. The most challenging aspect may be keeping the slates in place.

Even though they are made of rock, Pool table slates are fragile and may quickly be shattered if dropped on the ground or slammed against a wall. If you hire our furniture removalists Newcastle, you will be assured that your most precious pool table is safe with us!

The problem with moving a pool table is that if one of the slates on a three-slate table breaks, you’ll have to replace all three because they’re supposed to fit together correctly. You can tell that replacing all three slate boards of a pool table will be pretty pricey. Hiring skilled removals in Newcastle NSW will be far less expensive than yourself.

Big Size Metal Safes

Moving a huge metal safe is the most difficult task you’ll ever undertake. Because of their colossal weight, huge metal safes are unquestionably the most complex and hazardous to drive of all the challenging items to shift. A furniture removalist in Newcastle will be there for your help, even if the safe weighs double what the general is. 

Consider this: one of the primary reasons for constructing a large metal safe is to make it difficult for anybody who isn’t authorized to take it away from home. Isn’t it correct?

You’ll be confronted with the same difficulty when it’s time to depart: dealing with a large, heavy, and immovable item.

Metal safes are RISKY to handle

A freezer chest is larger and heavier than a refrigerator. Still, it serves the purpose and has the same number of compartments. Consider the hazards of moving a home vault that size without assistance. Our removals in Newcastle, NSW, have been excellent.

To begin, you’ll need the appropriate moving equipment, such as a heavy-duty appliance dolly, to carry it out of your house. Second, you’ll need the help of a group of pals to complete it. Finally, you’ll need to plan an escape route and a secure movement method to avoid unpleasant events.

Keeping the safe and any surrounding walls and flooring free of obstructions is critical. The difficulties and risks of doing a safe DIY relocation increase significantly when you move the heavy safe up or down steps.

Grandfather clocks

Clocks from the 1800s are far more delicate than they appear. A grandfather clock is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and elegant pieces of furniture you may have. Grandfather clocks are considered heirlooms and are passed down from one generation to the next. They might be one of your most valuable possessions, especially if they’re antiques.

The most critical issue to consider while preparing to relocate is how to move your grandfather clock without permanently damaging it. Traditional freestanding pendulum clocks are one of the most fragile pieces of timekeeping equipment, making them difficult to transport between houses.

Clocks made by grandfathers are incredibly delicate.

While you relocate, one thing is sure: You will not abandon your treasured grandfather clock. Your long-case clock may appear larger than life. Still, in reality, these timekeeping instruments are highly delicate and can be easily damaged if not handled with care. So why risk it? Our top Removalist Newcastle will be at your service all the time. 

To begin with, you have a lot of glass parts that might easily shatter throughout the house move.

Second, the intricate mechanism of a chain-driven pendulum clock or cable-driven long-case clock can be destroyed unless you know how to safeguard them.

Finally, the weights and the pendulum should be removed from the clock before transferring it; otherwise, the exquisitely tuned clockwork mechanism may be harmed.


If you are in the possession of any of these expensive and delicate items and are planning to relocate them, then risking their life is not a good idea! Removalists Near me has the listing of all the qualified removalists in Newcastle which can guarantee the absolute safety and protection of all of your precious belongings. So if you are planning to execute a house move anytime soon then visit RMN and compare the prices of top-class removalists across Sydney and its nearby suburb and choose the best among them!

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